The other night, I decided to start a new kit. My best pal had come around for a few brews and, just before he left at one ay-em, he made the following pronouncement: Grumpy, I always used to think you are a master modeller, but now I realize that you are just a

Compulsive Procrastinator!

If you are like me, the initial inspiration for a new model usually comes from a cool picture in a magazine, a film clip on a DVD, a visit to a car show or even something more obscure like a sound – I only have to hear the lumpy idle of a hairy-cam V8 to have a sudden urge to build a 454 Chevelle.

On this particular evening, we were paging through a Street Tuner magazine, when a particularly sick Supra caught my eye. There it was, all sideways, elbows, opposite lock, Day-Glo graphics, blinged wheels and smoking tyres! You could almost hear the screech of the pop-off valve and smell the burning rubber! I just had to build one!

As usual, the project starts with a rummage around the model cupboards, looking for the kit that fits the bill. How about this Fujimi RX7? Not really! What about this Aoshima Bomex Supra? Close, but not quite! Revell’s new Mustang? Nope. Aha! Here she is – the Tamiya Toms Supra racer. Perfect! The next step is finding some aftermarket goodies. I don’t know about you, but I just cannot seem to get started on a model unless I have at least three or four aftermarket sets to hand – preferably more! I don’t know why I am like this, because the more detail sets there are, the more time the model will take. Anyway, the next hour is taken up finding just the right goodies – some photo-etched disc brakes, white metal calipers, photo-etched seatbelts, turned aluminium NOS bottle, resin amp and speakers, aftermarket wing set and 20 inch Fujimi wheels and tyres. That should do it!

The next step is the decals… and this is a most important step. Shall we pirate the decals from a D1 drift car? Nah! The famous Supra graphics from The Fast and The Furious Supra? Been done to death! Simple challenge stripes? Too sixties! Wait a minute, what is this? How about these “ripped metal” decals from a long-forgotten Fujimi pickup? Just perfect!

Then it’s time to check references. As you know, I have a ton of magazines, so we spend a good two hours finding pictures of custom interiors, ICE installs and cool NOS bottle locations. These will really come in handy!

 Right. Now I have the kit, the photo-etch, the decals, the resin bits, the wheels, the turned aluminium, the magazines and even a D1 Grand Prix drifting DVD. So, what do we do next? I put all the accessories in the kit box and put all the magazines on the shelf, with fluorescent pink Post-It notes stuck on the pages with the best photos. Then we sit down, crack another couple of Miller Genuine Drafts and we watch the DVD again.

At the end of the movie, as the credits are rolling, I glance over at my shelves and I see at least twenty kit boxes in this exact condition – stuffed with accessories and just waiting to be started!

I take my pal’s criticism graciously, but then I picture his shelves in my mind – and you know what, they don’t look a lot different from mine!!!

Until next time …

Stock those shelves!

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