I had a bit of work to do the other night, but luckily my pal came around to help me. So we stuck some vintage Bowie on the stereo, cracked a coupla brews and set to work writing a review on one of the new Maisto ProRodz, to find out if ….

 Die-Cast Models are Great!

Our victim subject was the new 1:24 Maisto ’68 Camaro Convertible in “ProRodz” guise. First job is to get it out of the box. The sturdy box has a clear panel so that you can see what you are buying. Hey, that clear panel will be great for vacforming windshields, so we carefully removed it and set it aside for a future custom project.

I screwed the model free from the base and it was time to evaluate the model itself. If you ignore the bling, it was standard Maisto fare… large panel gaps, oversize hinges, a few mould lines, heavy-handed interior fittings, not-quite-perfect paint finish, etc! However, with a ProRodz, that doesn’t matter, ‘cause the bling’s the thing!

Most obvious is the wheels. At 24” in front and 26” at the rear, they are massive, with a nice delicate spoke design. The tyres are ultra low-profile, but not too wide. Very nice! Behind the wheels are cute Brembo’s with grooved discs. In a flash, the chassis was off and the rolling stock parted out. My pal needed the brakes for a street rod he was planning and I wanted the wheels for… well, I just wanted them!

The windshield surround is a nice chromed assembly that is moulded separately from the body. My pal beamed – he has a 67 Camaro with a crushed header bar – this should do nicely!

With the chassis already off, the interior was easily removed. In typical die-cast fashion, the interior details are a little heavy handed, but still quite usable. We managed to pirate two bucket seats with belts, a tacho, a kickass rollbar, two beautifully chromed NOS bottles and sundry bits and pieces.

Finally, the trunk and the engine bay delivered up its bounty of a neat fuel cell and a dummy engine, ideal for a quickie project that needs an engine, but does not need to be fully detailed.

I quickly stripped the body of its mirrors, bumpers and lights and was about to launch the body into the bin when my pal said, “Stop! I can rust that out and it would look great in a scrap yard diorama!” Great idea.

Yeah, this is a great die-cast model. You really need to buy the whole range!

Until next time …

Keep modelling!

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