My buddy came around last Friday night. The plan for the evening was to clean up the workbench and get all the bits together for my next killer project. We put some Jack Johnson on the stereo, cracked a few brews and then he steered the conversation to the old wreck out in the drive. Clearly, my pal’s agenda was to convince me that it was …

Time for a New Car!

“Where was your car this week?” he asks, “I heard that you were walking to work for a few days!” Well that was true, the old girl was in the shop for three days for a lube job. My pal reminds me that Speedy Lube normally guarantees a turnaround time of 30 minutes. Okay, point taken!

“Well, my car cannot be that bad,” I tell him, “thieves have broken into it three times in the past year!” However, he reminded me that the first time they broke in to steal the gearlock! The second time they broke in to steal the stereo – and the third time they broke in to return the stereo! So I suppose that he does have a point!

It was time to change the topic of conversation. So (looking for some sympathy) I tell him that Mrs Grumpy was not talking to me at the moment. “The way I heard it, you took a sharp turn and she fell out of the car – even though she had her seatbelt on!” Well, it was true, and she was not the first one! I hate to admit, but he was starting to make sense!

Clearly, my buddy had decided to start playing dirty! “If you want me to remain your friend, you need to do something! You are becoming an embarrassment. Do you know that the traffic reporter on the radio refers to you by name when discussing the early morning snarl-ups?”

Clearly, I had no defence, it WAS time for a new car. So we agreed, the following morning I would pick up my pal at nine and we’d be off to shop for a new car.

At nine sharp, I picked him up, my pocket bulging with a grand in cash for a deposit. We were off to “Clunkers-R-Us” for a new ride.

However, first a stop at the gas station for a few bucks of gas, just to make sure we get there. While pumping the gas, the attendant comes around to my side and asks, “Can I re-duct tape that windshield for you?” Just pump the gas and shuddup!

Gassed up, we’re on our way again! At the next stop light, this off-duty paramedic runs up to us and asks, “Hey, are you guys alright, did anyone get hurt?” Yeah, yeah, everyone is a comedian these days!

Anyway, as we lurch away from the stoplight, the rest of the traffic, including the spotty kid on the skateboard, disappears into the distance. We eventually get to the car dealer, but parking is non-existent – clearly everyone is out shopping for a new set of wheels today!

We find parking on the next block, right in front of “Bobby’s Hobbies”. As we get out, I spy something interesting inside, so we pop in for a quick look. Bobby has just received his new stock and we are in heaven. He has the Trumpeter kits in stock, both the Chevy Nova and the Pontiac, and he has them in both the coupe and convertible versions. Not only that, but he has about a dozen different new Japanese drift-car kits – and a couple of new Revells, including the new shape Viper!

Off to the checkout, loaded up with new kits. I can already see all those babies on the SANNL tables, perhaps even a little track diorama with a handful of those D1 drift cars sideways through a turn!

On the way out of Bobby’s to put the new goodies in the trunk, I suddenly realised that I now only had 175.50 left as a deposit on a new car. I could already hear them laughing at me at “Clunkers-R-Us”, so the new car would have to wait until next month. But hey, that’s not such a bad thing! Who needs a new car, when you have all those babies out in the trunk?

Until next time …

Build ’em fast!

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