My pal and I were hanging out in the model room the other night. We weren’t in the mood to clean up the place or to get any new projects started. However, we were in a philosophical mood, so we cracked a few brews, stuck some vintage Focus on the stereo and got talking about the state of modelling. I mentioned that there is a wide gap between us car modellers and those armour guys. My pal agreed whole-heartedly…

They’re From A Different Planet!

Yeah, well for a start, we car buffs have enormous collections of kits, from ancient Pyro and MPC to the latest Tamiya, from vintage street rods to the current Formula Ones, from European classics to American muscle cars!

True,” agrees my pal, by the way, did you see how many unbuilt tanks Bob has? I saw his cupboard the other day, hundreds of the things, all different types and variants. I don’t know when he’s going to get time to build them all.”

Another big difference, of course, is how we make extensive use of the aftermarket. There is nothing a car modeler can possibly need that the aftermarket cannot supply.

You are right,” he continues, incidentally, while I was at Bob’s place, I saw his latest tank. He’s built a Sherman with a turned aluminium barrel, photo-etched grilles, resin engine detail set, individual track links and special decals that he bought from a garage company in Japan. It’s a really great piece of work.”

If there is one thing that really sets us apart, it is that we are brilliant at scratch-building and modifying our models. We can turn a coupe into a pickup, a rally car into a street racer and a muscle car into a drift machine. You name it – we can do it.

I forgot to tell you, Bob did some great battle damage to his tank, all along the left hand side and he made some amazing sleeping bags and things by hand to lash onto the outside of the tank. You should see it!”

I see my pal paging through my collection of Ferrari books and that reminds me… the one area of modeling that we have everyone else beaten, is with our research. You name any Grand Prix race since 1950 and I will show you at least a dozen photos of the Ferraris that were entered.

Bob got the idea from a thick book on Shermans that he imported from the UK. I don’t know why he bought it. Heaven knows, he already has enough books on Shermans!”

I looked over my collection of Ferrari Formula 1 models, each handbuilt with utmost accuracy, right down to the correct blood red colour. Only a few more and I would have a model of every Ferrari single seater ever built.

Bob must be crazy – imagine how boring it must be painting every model the same colour.”

Yeah, right! We have absolutely nothing in common with them!

Until next time …

Keep spraying glosscoat!

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